Mortier's Tea

It began when Rochelle Mortier was a little girl...

"My Easter school holidays were spent high up in the hills of Sri Lanka on a tea estate.  I remember silence and sunlight: cool mornings, tea leaves glistening with dew, tea bushes neatly trimmed to waist height and terraces that blanketed the slopes of the hills all around.  Tea was served so fresh, that the aroma of pure Ceylon tea was one I could never forget."

From those childhood memories Mortier’s Tea was born and has been guided by a single principle: that the natural goodness of a flavourful tea, direct from a Sri Lankan tea estate to your cup, is best.

Mortier’s teas are hand-picked and traditionally made, without any artificial flavourings or colourings (or cornflowers or rosepetals!) We select teas from Sri Lanka's top highland estates.

What's in the Box

Mortier's English Breakfast Teabags - Bag

Ceylon Breakfast Tea Bags

75 award winning tea bags.  A deep tasting, flavourful tea that takes milk well.  This tea is grown on a single estate, 4000ft above sea level in the "champagne region" for Ceylon tea.  Brew for 3 minutes for full flavour.

Earl Grey Tea Bags

Mortier’s Tea Earl Grey Teabags

2019 Great Taste Award winning 75 Earl Grey tea bags infused with natural Opal of bergamot.

Ginger Tea Bags 

Mortier’s Ginger Teabags

60 teabags with pieces of spicy root ginger with premium black tea.  Both the ginger and the tea are grown on the same carefully cultivated estate up in their eastern highlands of Sri Lanka.