Maya's Chilli Sauce

Maya's Chilli Sauce

Maya’s Nørrebro Chilli, an inspired fusion of fiery Indian flavours and cool Danish simplicity, is turning tradition on its head. 

Maya’s Chilli artfully blends the finest natural ingredients to arouse your tastebuds and enhance your foodie pleasure. Maya’s Chilli is Vegan, totally free from salt, refined sugar and preservatives. The added dollop of love from Harpenden brings out its revolutionary taste!

This unique combination of culinary flavours comes from my own cultural fusions.  I was raised by my Indian grandma in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, the city’s coolest and most bohemian area, famous for its laid-back street life and fabulously multicultural mix of restaurants, cafes and bars. 

This environment was a melting pot of different foodie delights, where I learned to cook my grandma’s artisan family recipes.

Our environment is our home and we committed to looking after it. Maya’s Chilli Company only use jars and bottles made of glass and packaging made of cardboard, which is 100% recyclable.


What's in the Box

Maya's Chilli Sauce

Maya’s Nørrebro Chilli Sauce 

Enjoy as a table sauce, marinade, dressing, dip or condiment; magical in barbeques, cooking and as an accompaniment.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Chilli, Herbs, Spices, Garlic, Onions.

Maya's Chilli Oil

Maya's Nørrebro Chilli Oil

Maya's Nørrebro Chilli Oil is made from the finest natural ingredients which are artfully blended and infused with pure oil to arouse your taste buds and revolutionise your foodie pleasure.


No added salt, refined sugars, colours or preservatives. It is a clean, fresh and natural, made with love and passion