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Long Tail Mixers in the brainchild of two life long friends, Alex from Berkhampstead and Tom from Redbourn who share a passion for the darker side of spirits.  they felt they needed to create something radically different, something carefully crafted, that’s was specifically created to enjoy while drinking dark spirits without overwhelming their natural flavours.  Herein began an epic journey of discovery for the two curious friends and that’s of the legendary Long Tail whom they shared similar beliefs and desire to be the protectors of the Dark Spirits of which they hold so dear.  Through experimentation and discovery, we have lovingly tailored our mixers to not accompany, but even more important a toy, complement, dark spirit flavours.  That said though these mixers also go very well with the lighter spirits like Gin or Vodka.

What's in the Box

 Hibiscus 200ml

 Long Tail Mixer Hibiscus

Beautifully ripe black currants are expertly blended with wild hibiscus, producing a balanced mixer with a delicate combination of earthy and floral notes rounded off with a bittersweet hint of clove.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, blackcurrant juice (5%) from concentrate, natural flavourings, hibiscus extract, acid; citric acid, clove extract.

Blood Orange 200ml

Long Tail Mixer Blood Orange

Soft blood Orange top notes are balanced with the vitalising zest of red grapefruit.  The smooth, yet juicy start to this mixer is followed by a tangy kick that will make this a drink to enjoy time after time.

ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, orange juice from concentrate 5%, natural flavours, blood orange extract, citric acid, red grapefruit extract, natural food colouring foodstuff; caramel sugar syrup, antioxidant; ascorbic acid.


Ginger Lime 200ml

Long Tail Ginger & Lime

The fresh zest of lime is warmed by soft, Jamaican style gingers in this mixer.  Chai spices offer hidden depths to this lighter drink.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, lime juice from concentrate 5%, ginger root extract, natural flavours, chai spice extract, antioxidant; as Corbin acid, glycerol esters of wood rosins.

Lemon Sour 200ml 

Long Tail Lemon Sour

A sophisticated citrus blend of aromatic sour lemon enhanced by zesty orange notes is then delicately balanced with the subtle bitterness of gentian, creating a unique, clean and refreshing taste to this mixer.

Ingredients: Sparkling water, Sicilian lemon juice from concentrate, natural flavourings, acid; citric acid, gentian extract, acacia gum, glycerol esters of wood rosins.