Local Hertfordshire Honey

My name is Luke Adams and I have been keeping bees for 18 years now and currently have 12 hives in two locations – 6x hives in Shenley and 6x hives in Bricket Wood, St.Albans. I am a member of St.Albans & District Beekeepers Association who currently have approx. 120 members.

I am planning to open up another apiary in Shenley in Spring this year!

I extract my honey usually three times a year, May, July and August and each time I extract the honey it tastes different, depending upon what flowers the bees have collected from each year.

I sell jars with three sizes – 1lb (454g), 8oz (227g) and 4oz (113g) and I also sell beeswax candles, beeswax polish and beeswax wraps that replace clingfilm. I use a Solar wax extractor that uses the sun’s power to melt down unwanted beeswax into blocks of wax and melt this down to candles etc.

My honey has won first place twice in the annual St.Albans honey tasting competition.

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