Handmade in Harpenden

Handmade in Harpenden, also known as HIH was founded by Henry and Farhana in 2017. HIH's philosophy is to work in the most sustainable way possible. This is why they only source our materials from UK manufacturers and use a specially blended plant-based wax containing only coconut and rapeseed.

All of their products are GMO-free and completely vegan-friendly. They completely avoid soy wax as soy crops are one of the largest contributors to deforestation globally. So their handmade candles are sustainable, and use only natural, plant-based ingredients.

What's in the Box

HMIH Lavendar 120ml Candle


Lavender & Chamomile 120ml Candle 

With a perfect blend of sweet, floral lavender, coupled with notes and lily, alongside the sweet, herbaceous notes of chamomile rest on subtle base of rich amber, this scent is perfect for unwinding, and preparing for bed after a stressful day.